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Comercialización e Investigación de Mercados

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Innovation ecosystem: A trigger for new product development? Exploring the acceptance of a sparkling red wine amongst Spanish small business actors

Olarte Pascual, CristinaSierra Murillo, Yolanda; Oruezabala, G.;  International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 2017
Emotions, price and quality expectations in hotel services

Olarte Pascual, CristinaPelegrín Borondo, Jorge; ARIAS OLIVA, MARIO;  Journal of Vacation Marketing 2017
Assessing the acceptance of technological implants (the cyborg): Evidences and challenges

Pelegrín Borondo, JorgeOlarte Pascual, Cristina; Reinares-Lara, E.;  Computers in Human Behavior 2017
Model of acceptance of a new type of beverage: Application to natural sparkling red wine

Olarte Pascual, CristinaPelegrín Borondo, Jorge; Reinares E.;  Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 2017
URV International Virtual Campus: development of competences via the virtual internationalization of education.

Pelegrín Borondo, JorgeNavaridas Nalda, FermínFernández Ortiz, Rubén; Arias Oliva, Mario; Murata, Kiyoshi; Pérez-Portabella, Antonio; Souto Romero, Mar; Torres Coronas, Teresa; Matías Clavero, Gustavo; Padilla, Graciela; López-Galiacho Perona, Juan Luis; Clavel San Emeterio, Mónica; Orito, Yokko; Yañez Luna, Juan Carlos; Kesar, Shalini ;  Comprehensive internationalisation at the URV Examples of good practices at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili 2017
Do affective variables make a difference in consumers behavior toward mobile advertising?

Olarte Pascual, Cristina; Martínez-Ruiz M.P.; Izquierdo-Yusta A.; Reinares-Lara E.;  Frontiers in Psychology 2017
Application of geographical information systems for the optimal location of a commercial network

Olarte Pascual, Cristina; Rodríguez, V.; Saco, M.;  European Journal of Management and Business Economics 2017
Learning opportunities for group learning: An empirical assessment from the learning organization perspective

Gil López, Alfonso Jesús; Mataveli M.;  Journal of Workplace Learning 2017
Learning processes and job satisfaction in the Spanish wine sector: The moderating effect of organizational size and employees’ educational level

Gil López, Alfonso Jesús; Mataveli M.;  Personnel Review 2017
The relevance of information transfer in learning culture: A multigroup study by firm size in the wine industry

Gil López, Alfonso Jesús; Mataveli, Mara;  Management Decision 2017