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Chemo-sensory approach for the identification of chemical compounds driving green character in red wines

Grape and wine amino acid composition from Carignan noir grapevines growing under rainfed conditions in the Maule Valley, Chile: Effects of location and rootstock

Chemo-sensory characterization of fractions driving different mouthfeel properties in red wines

Fernández Zurbano, PurificaciónAvizcuri Inac, José MiguelSáenz Navajas, María Pilar; VALENTIN, DOMINIQUE; FERRERO del TESO, SARA; FERREIRA GONZÁLEZ, VICENTE;  2017
Spontaneous variation regarding grape berry skin color: A comprehensive study of berry development by means of biochemical and molecular markers

González Hernández, Marivel; Ferreira V.; Fernandes F.; Carrasco D.; González Hernández, Marivel; Pinto-Carnide O.; Arroyo-García R.; Andrade P.; Valentão P.; Falco V.; Castro I.;  2017
Effect of egg albumin fining, progressive clarification and cross-flow microfiltration on the polysaccharide and proanthocyanidin composition of red varietal wines

Martínez Lapuente, Leticia Guadalupe Mínguez, ZenaidaAyestarán Iturbe, Belén 2017
Foliar nitrogen application in Cabernet Sauvignon vines: Effects on wine flavonoid and amino acid content

Garde Cerdán, TeresaPortu Reinares, Javier; Gutiérrez-Gamboa G.; Moreno-Simunovic Y.; Martínez-Gil A.M.;  2017
Chemo-sensory characterization of fractions driving different mouthfeel properties in red wines

Sáenz Navajas, María PilarFernández Zurbano, Purificación; Avizcuri J.-M.; Ferrero-del-Teso S.; Valentin D.; Ferreira V.;  2017
Elicitors used as a tool to increase stilbenes in grapes and wines

Garde Cerdán, Teresa; Gil-Muñoz R.; Fernández-Fernández J.I.; Crespo-Villegas O.;  2017
Effects on grape amino acid concentration through foliar application of three different elicitors

Portu Reinares, JavierSantamaría Aquilué, María PilarGarde Cerdán, Teresa; Gutiérrez-Gamboa, G.; López, R.;  2017
The impacts of temperature, alcoholic degree and amino acids content on biogenic amines and their precursor amino acids content in red wine

Garde Cerdán, Teresa; Lorenzo, C.; Bordiga, M.; Travaglia, F.; Arlorio, M.; Salinas, M.R.; Coïsson, J.D.;  2017
Impact of phenylalanine and urea applications to Tempranillo and Monastrell vineyards on grape amino acid content during two consecutive vintages

Study of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc wines from D.O.Ca Rioja (Spain) aged in different French oak wood barrels: Chemical and aroma quality aspects

Sáenz Navajas, María PilarAvizcuri Inac, José Miguel; Herrero, P.; Culleré, L.; Balda, P.; Antón, E.C.; Ferreira, V.; Escudero, A.;  2016
Sensory changes during bottle storage of spanish red wines under different initial oxygen doses

Fernández Zurbano, PurificaciónSáenz Navajas, María PilarAvizcuri Inac, José Miguel; FERREIRA GONZÁLEZ, VICENTE;  2014
Sensory changes during bottle storage of spanish red wines under different initial oxygen doses

Sáenz Navajas, María PilarFernández Zurbano, PurificaciónAvizcuri Inac, José Miguel; FERREIRA GONZÁLEZ, VICENTE;  2014
Indigenous lactic acid bacteria communities in alcoholic and malolactic fermentations of Tempranillo wines elaborated in ten wineries of La Rioja (Spain)

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Santamaría Aquilué, María PilarLópez Martín, RosaLópez Alfaro, Isabel; González Arenzana, Lucía;  2013
Sensory drivers of intrinsic quality of red wines. Effect of culture and level of expertise.

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Sáenz Navajas, María Pilar; Ballester, J.; Pecher, C.; Peyron, D.; Valentin, D.;  2013
Sensory profiling and changes in colour and phenolic composition produced by malolactic fermentation in red minority varieties

Guadalupe Mínguez, ZenaidaMartínez Lapuente, Leticia Ayestarán Iturbe, Belén; Martinez Pinilla, Olga;  2012
Effect of the presence of lysated lees on polysaccharides, color and main phenolic compounds of red wine during barrel ageing

Guadalupe Mínguez, ZenaidaHernández Martín, ZenaidaAyestarán Iturbe, Belén; Martínez Pinilla, Olga; Fernández Fernández, Oscar;  2011
Determination of fermentative volatile compounds in aged red wines by near infrared spectroscopy

Garde Cerdán, Teresa; L. Alonso, Gonzalo; Salinas, Maria Rosario; Lorenzo, Candida; Pedroza, Miguel A.;  2009
Simplified method for calculating colour of honey by application of the characteristic vector method

Echávarri Granado, José FedericoAyala Zurbano, Fernando; Heredia, F. J.; González-Miret, María Lourdes; Negueruela Suberbiola, Angel Ignacio; Terrab, Anass;  2007