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In-field assessment of grapevine water status using a portable NIR spectrophotometer

Gutiérrez Salcedo, SalvadorTardáguila Laso, JavierMillán Prior, BorjaGonzalo Diago, Ana 2017
Transcriptional response to temperature of ripening microvine (DRCF) depends on daytime

Grimplet , Jerome Bruno; Rienth, M.; Chatbanyong, R.; Torregrosa, L.; Romieu, C.; Agorges, A.;  2017
Methyl jasmonate effect on Tempranillo (Vitis vinifera L.) grape phenolic content: A 2-year study

Soilborne fungal pathogens affecting grapevine rootstocks: Current status and future prospects

Evaluation of grapevine rootstocks against soilborne pathogens associated with trunk diseases

Alaniz, S.; Abad-Campos, P.; García-Jiménez, J.; Armengol, J.;  2016
Development of a water stress alert system embedded in a DSS for Integrated Vineyard Management

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Salinari F.; Mariani L.; Poni S.; Cola G.; Oliveira M.; Bettati T.;  2014
Assessment of grapevine water status from hyperspectral imaging of leaves

Diago Santamaría, María PazMillán Prior, BorjaTardáguila Laso, Javier; Pou A.; Fernandes A.M.; Melo-Pinto P.;  2014
Mechanical crop thinning and early defoliation as novel tools for yield management in VSP grapevines

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Blanco, J. A.; Poni, S.;  2013
Applications of computer vision techniques in viticulture to assess canopy features, cluster morphology and berry size

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Tardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María PazMillán Prior, Borja; Blasco J.; Cubero S.; Aleixos N.;  2013
Effect of an oak extract applied to 'Verdejo' vineyard on grape composition

Garde Cerdán, Teresa; Martinez-Gil A.M.; Martinez L.; Alonso G.L.; Rosario Salinas M.;  2012
Assessment of the variability for resistance to powdery mildew in grapevine germplasm from La Rioja

Menéndez Menéndez, CristinaPérez Moreno, IgnacioHernández Álamos, María del MarMartínez de Toda Fernández, Fernando 2009
A genetic study on table grape varieties through microsatellite analysis

Ibáñez Marcos, Javier; Vargas, A.M., Palancar, M., Borrego, J., De Andrés, M.T. ;  2009
Characterization of SNPs from microsatellite flanking regions in vitis

Ibáñez Marcos, Javier; Fernandez, M.P.; Núñez, Y., Ponz, F., Gallego, F.J. ;  2009
Evaluation of the uniformity and stability of microsatellite markers in grapevine

Ibáñez Marcos, Javier; Vélez, M.D.;  2009
Exploitation of the genetic diversity: An approach to elucidate resistance

Martínez Zapater, José Miguel; Neuhaus G.; Eibach R.; Maul E.; Topfer R.; Zyprian E.; Adam-Blondon A.-F.;  2009
Genetic characterization of raspberry cultivars using molecular markers

Ibáñez Marcos, Javier; Fernández, M.P.; Hernáiz Alonso, Silvia;  2008
Assessment of Tempranillo grapes quality in the vineyard by VITUR score-sheet

Martínez de Toda Fernández, FernandoTardáguila Laso, Javier 2007
Análisis of the intervarietal heterogeneity in the Vine Germplasm of La Rioja (Spain).

Martínez de Toda Fernández, Fernando; Blanco Fernández, Carolina; Martínez, T.,;  2007
Genomic approaches for the improvement of tuber quality traits in potato

Menéndez Menéndez, Cristina; Li, L.; Chen, X.; Schäfer-Pregl, R.; Gebhardt, C.; Salamini, F.;  2005
Effects packaging atmosphere on color evolution of minimally processed artichoke

Ayala Zurbano, FernandoSanz Cervera, SusanaEchávarri Granado, José FedericoOlarte Martínez, Carmen; Giménez Martínez, Mercedes;  2004