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Flipped Learning in EFL: an Innovation Project to Improve Communicative Competence Cordón Garrido, Marta 2018
Gamifying the EFL Classroom: A Gamification Model to Improve Oral Skills in Secondary Education Mendi Gutiérrez, Beatriz 2018
Developing willingness to communicate in EFL through content and language integrated learningTexto completo open access  Guía Cereceda, Gabriela 2017
The use of SAMR model to improve EFL learners’ willingness to communicateTexto completo open access  Hermo Santiago, Manuel 2017
Promoting oral fluency in EFL learning through drama García González, Ioar 2017
The impact of stop motion on EFL learners’ retention and recall of English idiomatic expressionsTexto completo open access  Nestares Tobalina, Elisa 2016
The use of infographics to scaffold EFL vocabulary learning in Spanish Secondary EducationTexto completo open access  Martín Calabró, Vanesa Alejandra 2015
The combination of translation and task-based learning approach to improve vocabulary adquisition Solano Cristóbal, Beatriz 2015
Facebook as a didactic Tool to Enhance Motivation and Writing Skills in an EFL Context Errachid Ait Chaib, Hind 2014
The combination of task-based learning and video to develop secondary students' ICCTexto completo open access  García Sobrevilla, Cristina 2014
Integration of digital texts in the foreign language classroom to increase reading comprehension Izquierdo Gómez, Rebeca 2012
The effect of task. Based activities and learning communities strategies on EFL learner’s oral fluency Peña Viloria, Laura 2012
Speech and gesture: mediating language learning in content and language integrated learning classrooms (CLIL)Texto completo open access  Hermoso González, Ana 2012
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