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Using literature as a focus in the English classroom: an innovation projectTexto completo open access  Sanz de Vicuña Casals, José 2018
Promoting self-regulation in L2 through the use of an online collaborative toolTexto completo open access  Vázquez Álvarez, Suriña 2018
Instagram as a Tool to Increase Motivation to Learn English during Adolescence Gobantes Salazar, Andrea 2018
The use of ‘Minecraft’ in the foreign language classroom to improve students’ motivation and communicative writing skillsTexto completo open access  Castellanos Valencia, Félix 2017
Backpackers around the world. An innovative tool to expand students' intercultural competenceTexto completo open access  Enériz de la Parra, Idoya 2017
The implementation of alternative methods to improve secondary education students’ listening comprehension in the EFL learning and teaching processTexto completo open access  Mozo Martínez, Mónica 2017
Collaborative work and an online magazine as tools to develop motivation and writing skills in adult learners of an EFL classroom Texto completo open access  Gil García, Leire 2016
Listening strategies in the EFL classroomTexto completo open access  Machalinska  , Agata Natalia 2016
The Use of Songs in the Secondary Education Classroom to Improve Students’ Communicative Competence in Oral Skills and Motivate their LearningTexto completo open access  Martínez Hernández, Ander 2016
Improving the Students' Writing Skills Through the Use of Social NetworksTexto completo open access  Esparza Celorrio, Miriam 2016
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