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The Effect of Gender on EFL Learners' Language Learning Strategies and Productive Vocabulary Montero Saiz Aja, Alejandra 2018
The Introduction of Emotional Intelligence in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom Martínez Soto, Tania 2018
The influence of using Vocabulary Learning Strategies on EFL learners' Lexical Availability Output Almira Salazar, Marina 2017
EFL cultural available lexicon affected by level of linguistic competence Sánchez Rubio, María del Carmen 2017
How to improve listening comprehension skills: The role of listening strategies De la Cruz Mejía, Mildred Russel 2014
New insights into error correction within communicative language teachingTexto completo open access  Tejedor López, María Pilar 2012
Teaching program and innovation proposal: Have you seen this week’s episode? An approach to listening through the use of TV seriesTexto completo open access  Leunda Perez, Irene 2011
Teaching vocabulary through code mixing and transformationTexto completo open access  Morales Soto, Leticia 2011
Learning to teach english Pérez García, Raúl 2011
Final master’s thesis: theoretical foundation, didactic planning and research project Herrero Ruiz, Laura 2011
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