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Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo

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Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of Hybrid alpha/beta-Dipeptides Incorporating S-Glycosyl-beta(2,2)-Amino AcidsTexto completo de acceso restringido  Peregrina García, Jesús ManuelCorzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, GonzaloAvenoza Aznar, AlbertoBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorGarcía González, Iván Chemistry - A European Journal 2015
Experimental and theoretical study of gold(III)-catalyzed hydration of alkynesTexto completo open access  Cordón Moreno, JesúsJiménez Osés, GonzaloLópez de Luzuriaga Fernández, José MaríaMonge Oroz, MiguelOlmos Pérez, María ElenaPascual García, David Organometallics 2014
A dynamic combinatorial approach for the analysis of weak carbohydrate/aromatic complexes: Dissecting facial selectivity in CH/π stacking interactionsTexto completo de acceso restringido  Corzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Santana A.G.; Jimenez-Moreno E.; Gomez A.M.; Gonzalez C.; Jimenez-Barbero J.; Asensio J.L.;  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013
Accurate calculation of chemical shifts in highly dynamic H 2@C60 through an integrated quantum mechanics/molecular dynamics schemeTexto completo de acceso restringido  Jiménez Osés, GonzaloCorzana López, Francisco; García, J.I.; Elguero, J.;  Organic Letters 2011
Mechanistic Study of the Ring-Size Modulation in Michael-Dieckmann type Reactions of 2-Acylaminoacrylates with Ketene Diethyl AcetalTexto completo open access  Avenoza Aznar, AlbertoBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorJiménez Osés, GonzaloPeregrina García, Jesús Manuel; Pérez Fernández, Marta; García, J.I.; Canal González, Noelia;  New Journal of Chemistry 2007
Role of the Countercation in Diastereoselective Alkylations of Pyramidalized Bicyclic Serine Enolates. An Easy Approach to alfa-BenzylserineTexto completo de acceso restringido  Avenoza Aznar, AlbertoBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorPeregrina García, Jesús ManuelZurbano Asensio, María del MarJiménez Osés, GonzaloAydillo Miguel, Carlos Journal of Organic Chemistry 2007
QM/MM modeling of enantioselective pybox-ruthenium- and box-copper-catalyzed cyclopropanation reactions: Scope, performance, and applications to ligand designTexto completo de acceso restringido  Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; García, J.I.; Martínez-Merino, V.; Mayoral, J.A.; Pires, E.; Villalba, Isabel ;  Chemistry - A European Journal 2007
Erratum: Role of the countercation in diastereoselective alkylations of pyramidalized bicyclic serine enolates. An easy approach to α-benzylserine (Journal of Organic Chemistry (2007) 72)Texto completo de acceso restringido  Jiménez Osés, GonzaloAydillo Miguel, CarlosBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorZurbano Asensio, María del MarPeregrina García, Jesús ManuelAvenoza Aznar, Alberto Journal of Organic Chemistry 2007
SN2 vs. E2 on quaternary centres: an application to the synthesis of enantiopure beta2,2-amino acids.Texto completo de acceso restringido  Peregrina García, Jesús ManuelBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorAvenoza Aznar, AlbertoJiménez Osés, GonzaloCorzana López, Francisco Chemical Communications 2004