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Pérez Valle, Beatriz

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Occurrence-Oriented Design Strategy for Developing Business Process Monitoring SystemsTexto completo de acceso restringido  Rubio García, Angel LuisPérez Valle, Beatriz; DOMINGUEZ, ELADIO; LAVILLA, JUAN; ALLUE, ALBERTO; ZAPATA, MARIA ANTONIA;  IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2014
A UML profile for dynamic execution persistence with monitoring purposesTexto completo de acceso restringido  Pérez Valle, Beatriz; Dominguez, E.; Zapata, M.A.;  ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems 2013
A systematic review of code generation proposals from state machine specifications Texto completo de acceso restringido  Pérez Valle, BeatrizRubio García, Angel Luis; García Domínguez, Eladio; Zapata Abad, María Antonia;  Information and Software Technology 2012
MIM-based ISFET sensors with CLOSED/OPEN sense plates for pH detectionTexto completo de acceso restringido  Pérez Valle, Beatriz; Molina J., Espinosa G., Torres A., Sanz M.T., Guerrero E., Fernandez J., McKenna J., Hoque M., Chen W., McNelly T., De Souza R., Parris P.;  2012 IEEE 3rd Latin American Symposium on Circuits and Systems, LASCAS 2012 - Conference Proceedings 2012
A new approach to evaluating internal Xilinx FPGA resourcesTexto completo de acceso restringido  Pérez Valle, Beatriz; Bravo, I , Gardel, A.;  García, J., Salido, D. ;  Journal of Systems Architecture 2011
Metamodelizando para evolucionar: dos décadas de Grupo NóesisTexto completo open access  Rubio García, Angel LuisPérez Valle, Beatriz; Zapata Abad, María Antonia; Lloret Gazo, Jorge; Rodriguez, Aurea; Dominguez, Eladio;  Contribuciones científicas en honor de Mirian Andrés Gómez 2010
A model driven approach to automate the implementation of clinical guidelines in decision support systemsTexto completo de acceso restringido  Pérez Valle, Beatriz; Porres, I., Domínguez, E.; Rodríguez, Á., Zapata, M.A. ;  Fifteenth IEEE International Conference and Workshops on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, ECBS 2008 2008