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Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo

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Chemo- and Regioselective Lysine Modification on Native Proteins

Corzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Matos, M.J.; Oliveira, B.L.; Martínez-Sáez, N.; Guerreiro, A.; Cal, P.M.S.D.; Bertoldo, J.; Maneiro, M.; Perkins, E.; Howard, J.; Deery, M.J.; Chalker, J.M.; Bernardes, G.J.L.;  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2018
Vinyl Ether/Tetrazine Pair for the Traceless Release of Alcohols in Cells

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Jiménez-Moreno, E.; Guo, Z.; Oliveira, B.L.; Albuquerque, I.S.; Kitowski, A.; Guerreiro, A.; Boutureira, O.; Rodrigues, T.; Bernardes, G.J.L.;  Angewandte Chemie International 2017
1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Low-Valent Rhodium and Iridium Complexes with Arylnitrile N-Oxides

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Ugur I.; Agopcan Cinar S.; Dedeoglu B.; Aviyente V.; Hawthorne M.F.; Liu P.; Liu F.; Houk K.N.;  Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017
Metal-Free [2 + 2]-Photocycloaddition of (Z)-4-Aryliden-5(4H)-Oxazolones as Straightforward Synthesis of 1,3-Diaminotruxillic Acid Precursors: Synthetic Scope and Mechanistic Studies

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; García-Montero, A.; Rodriguez, A.M.; Juan, A.; Velders, A.H.; Denisi, A.; Gómez-Bengoa, E.; Cativiela, C.; Gómez, M.V.; Urriolabeitia, E.P.;  ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2017
Multiple Mechanisms for the Thermal Decomposition of Metallaisoxazolin-5-ones from Computational Investigations

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Zhou, C.-C.; Hawthorne, M.F.; Houk, K.N.;  Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017
A proactive role of water molecules in acceptor recognition by protein O-fucosyltransferase 2

Jiménez Osés, GonzaloCorzana López, Francisco; Valero-González J.; Leonhard-Melief C.; Lira-Navarrete E.; Hernández-Ruiz C.; Pallarés M.C.; Yruela I.; Vasudevan D.; Lostao A.; Takeuchi H.; Haltiwanger R.S.; Hurtado-Guerrero R.;  Nature Chemical Biology 2016
Finding the Right Candidate for the Right Position: A Fast NMR-Assisted Combinatorial Method for Optimizing Nucleic Acids Binders

Jiménez Osés, GonzaloCorzana López, Francisco; Jiménez-Moreno, E.; Montalvillo-Jiménez, L.; Santana, A.G.; Gómez, A.M.; Bastida, A.; Jiménez-Barbero, J.; Canada, F.J.; Gómez-Pinto, I.; González, C.; Asensio, J.L.;  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016
Computations Reveal That Electron-Withdrawing Leaving Groups Facilitate Intramolecular Conjugate Displacement Reactions by Negative Hyperconjugation

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Noey, E.L.; Clive, D.J.L.; Houk, K.N.;  Journal of Organic Chemistry 2016
Tn Antigen Mimics Based on sp2-Iminosugars with Affinity for an anti-MUC1 Antibody

Navo Nájera, Claudio DanielAvenoza Aznar, AlbertoBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorJiménez Osés, GonzaloCorzana López, FranciscoPeregrina García, Jesús Manuel; Fernández, E.M.S.; Martínez-Sáez, N.; Gonçalves-Pereira, R.; Somovilla, V.J.; Bernardes, G.J.L.; Fernández, J.M.G.; Mellet, C.O.;  Organic Letters 2016
Bifunctional Chiral Dehydroalanines for Peptide Coupling and Stereoselective S-Michael Addition

Gutiérrez Jiménez, Marta IsabelAydillo Miguel, CarlosNavo Nájera, Claudio DanielAvenoza Aznar, AlbertoCorzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, GonzaloZurbano Asensio, María del MarBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorPeregrina García, Jesús Manuel Organic Letters 2016
Stoichiometric and irreversible cysteine-selective protein modification using carbonylacrylic reagents

Corzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Bernardim, B.; Cal, P.M.S.D.; Matos, M.J.; Oliveira, B.L.; Martínez-Saéz, N.; Albuquerque, I.S.; Perkins, E.; Burtoloso, A.C.B.; Bernardes, G.J.L.;  Nature Communications 2016
A Minimal, Unstrained S-Allyl Handle for Pre-Targeting Diels–Alder Bioorthogonal Labeling in Live Cells

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Oliveira, B.L.; Guo, Z.; Boutureira, O.; Guerreiro, A.; Bernardes, G.J.L.;  Angewandte Chemie International 2016
Synthesis and conformational analysis of hybrid α/β-dipeptides incorporating S-glycosyl-β2,2-amino acids

García González, IvánCorzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, GonzaloAvenoza Aznar, AlbertoBusto Sancirián, Jesús HéctorPeregrina García, Jesús Manuel; Mata, L.;  Chemistry - A European Journal 2015
Modulating weak interactions for molecular recognition: A dynamic combinatorial analysis for assessing the contribution of electrostatics to the stability of CH-π bonds in water

Corzana López, FranciscoJiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Jimenez-Moreno, E.; Gomez, A.M.; Bastida, A.; Jimenez-Barbero, J.; Asensio, J.L.;  Angewandte Chemie International 2015
Molecular Dynamics of the Diels-Alder Reactions of Tetrazines with Alkenes and N-2 Extrusions from Adducts

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Tork, L.; Doubleday, C.; Liu, F.; Houk, K.N.;  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015
N-type conjugated polymer-enabled selective dispersion of semiconducting carbon nanotubes for flexible CMOS-like circuits

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Wang, H.; Li, Y.; Liu, P.; Fang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Lai, Y.-C.; Park, S.; Chen, L.; Houk, K.N.; Bao, Z.;  Advanced Functional Materials 2015
Enantioselective synthesis of dialkylated N-heterocycles by palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Numajiri, Y.; Wang, B.; Houk, K.N.; Stoltz, B.M.;  Organic Letters 2015
Thermodynamic evaluation of aromatic CH/π interactions and rotational entropy in a molecular rotor

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Perez-Estrada, S.; Rodriguez-Molina, B.; Xiao, L.; Santillan, R.; Houk, K.N.; Garcia-Garibay, M.A.;  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015
Solvent effects on polymer sorting of carbon nanotubes with applications in printed electronics

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Wang, H.; Hsieh, B.; Liu, P.; Tassone, C.J.; Diao, Y.; Lei, T.; Houk, K.N.; Bao, Z.;  Small 2015
Molecular dynamics explorations of active site structure in designed and evolved enzymes

Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Osuna, S.; Noey, E.L.; Houk, K.N.;  Accounts of Chemical Research 2015