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Terrazas Gallego, Melania

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Claire Keegan's use of satire

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Terrazas Gallego, Melania Estudios irlandeses 2014
The rhetoric of satire in Evelyn Conlon's Telling (2000)

Terrazas Gallego, Melania Clepsydra: revista de estudios de género y teoría feminista 2013
The Role of Motivation and Age in Vocabulary Knowledge

Fernández Fontecha, AlmudenaTerrazas Gallego, Melania Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics 2012
Vocabulary knowledge development and gender differences in a second language

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Agustín Llach, María del PilarTerrazas Gallego, Melania ELIA: Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada 2012
Dialogue and women's lives in John McGahern's "amongst women" and Claire Keegan's "The forester's daughter"

Terrazas Gallego, Melania ES : Revista de Filología Inglesa 2012
Keep moving, puppets!": a renewed reading of Wyndham Lewis's satiric discourse

Terrazas Gallego, Melania Odisea: Revista de Estudios Ingleses 2010
Examining the relationship between receptive vocabulary size and reading and writing of primary school learners

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Terrazas Gallego, MelaniaAgustín Llach, María del Pilar Atlantis 2009
Exploring the increase of receptive vocabulary knowledge in the foreign language: A longitudinal study

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Terrazas Gallego, MelaniaAgustín Llach, María del Pilar International Journal of English Studies 2009
The Receptive Vocabulary of EFL Young Learners: data from Spanish Primary Schools

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Jiménez Catalán, Rosa MaríaTerrazas Gallego, Melania Journal of English Studies 2005
Social Implications in Percy Wyndham Lewis' The Vulgar Streak; A Resource Theory Approach

Terrazas Gallego, Melania The Grove. Working Papers on English Studies 2002
Tragic Clowns/Male Comedians: Wyndham Lewis's Enemy of the Stars and Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Terrazas Gallego, Melania Wyndham Lewis Annual 2001
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