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Tascón Vegas, Alberto

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Systematic layout planning of wineries: The case of Rioja region (Spain)

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Gómez, J.; Ayuga, F.;  Journal of Agricultural Engineering 2018
Design of silos for dust explosions: Determination of vent area sizes and explosion pressures

Tascón Vegas, Alberto Engineering Structures 2017
Simulations of vented dust explosions in a 5 m3 vessel

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Aguado, P.J.;  Powder Technology 2017
Dust explosions in an experimental test silo: Influence of length/diameter ratio on vent area sizes

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Ramírez-Gómez, Á.; Aguado, P.J.;  Biosystems Engineering 2016
Influence of the composition of solid biomass in the flammability and susceptibility to spontaneous combustion

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; García Torrent, J.; Ramírez-Gómez, Á.; Fernandez-Anez, N.; Medic Pejic, L.;  Fuel 2016
CFD simulations to study parameters affecting dust explosion venting in silos

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Aguado, P.J.;  Powder Technology 2015
Analysis of competencies required by agricultural engineering graduates

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Alvarez, R.; Aguado, P.J.;  International Journal of Engineering Education 2014
Application of standard EN 14491:2006 to cylindrical steel silos for dust explosion protection [Aplicación de la norma EN 14491:2006 a los silos de acero cilíndricos para la protección frente a explosiones de polvo]

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Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Aguado, P. J.;  Informes de la Construcción 2012
Dust explosions in vented silos: Simulations and comparisons with current standards

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Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Ruiz, Á., Aguado, P.J. ;  Powder Technology 2011
Experimental determination of self-heating and self-ignition risks associated with the dusts of agricultural materials commonly stored in silos.

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Ramírez Gómez, Álvaro; García Torrent, Javier;  Journal of Hazardous Materials 2010
Re-use of construction and demolition residues and industrial wastes for the elaboration or recycled eco-efficient concretes = Reutilización de residuos de construcción y demolición y subproductos industriales para la elaboración de hormigones reciclados eco-eficientes

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Guerra, Manuel I.; Medina, César; Morán, Julia M.; Juan, Andrés; Llamas, Bernardo;  Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 2010
Dust explosion venting in silos: A comparison of standards NFPA 68 and EN 14491

Tascón Vegas, Alberto; Ramírez Gómez, Álvaro; Aguado Rodríguez, Pedro José;  Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2009
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