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Andrades Rodríguez, María Soledad

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Field-scale dissipation of tebuconazole in vineyard soil amended with spent mushroom substrate and its potential environmental impact

Andrades Rodríguez, María Soledad; Marín Benito, Jesús; Sánchez Martín, María Jesús; Herrero Hernández, Eliseo; Rodriguez Cruz, Mª Sonia;  Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 2011
Multivariate statistical and GIS-based approach for the identification of Mn and Ni concentratios and spatial variability in soils of a humid Mediterranean environment: La Rioja, Spain

Andrades Rodríguez, María Soledad; Marín Méndez, Alvaro; Alonso Martirena, Juan Ignacio; Iñigo Mendoza, Victoria; Jiménez Ballesta, Raimundo;  Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 2011
Effect of spent mushroom substrate applied to vineyard soil on the behaviour of copper-based fungicide residues

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Andrades Rodríguez, María Soledad; Herrero-Hernández, E.; Rodríguez-Cruz, M.S.; Sánchez Martín, María Jesús;  Journal of Environmental Management 2011
Long-term variability of metals from fungicides applied in amended young vineyard fields of La Rioja (Spain)

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Andrades Rodríguez, María Soledad; Herrero-Hernández, A.; Rodríguez-Cruz, M.S.; Arienzo, M.; Sánchez Martín, María Jesús;  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2011