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Tardáguila Laso, Javier

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Assessment of vineyard canopy porosity using machine vision

Diago Santamaría, María PazMillán Prior, BorjaTardáguila Laso, Javier; Krasnow M.; Bubola M.;  American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 2016
Thermal imaging to detect spatial and temporal variation in the water status of grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L.)

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Grant O.M.; Ochagavía H.; Baluja J.;  Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 2016
Data mining and NIR spectroscopy in viticulture: Applications for plant phenotyping under field conditions

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Tardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; Gutiérrez S.; Fernández-Novales J.;  Sensors 2016
Estimation of total soluble solids in grape berries using a hand-held NIR spectrometer under field conditions

Urraca Valle, RubénTardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; Sanz-Garcia, A.;  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2016
Quantifying spatio-temporal variation of leaf chlorophyll and nitrogen contents in vineyards

Rey Carames, Clara MaríaTardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; Sanz-Garcia, A.; Chica-Olmo, M.;  Biosystems Engineering 2016
Application of 2D and 3D image technologies to characterise morphological attributes of grapevine clusters

Tardáguila Laso, Javier; Tello, J.; Cubero, S.; Blasco, J.; Aleixos, N.; Ibáñez, J.;  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2016
Calibration of non-invasive fluorescence-based sensors for the manual and on-the-go assessment of grapevine vegetative status in the field

Diago Santamaría, María PazRey Carames, Clara MaríaTardáguila Laso, Javier; Le Moigne, M.; Fadaili, E.M.; Cerovic, Z.G.;  Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 2016
Use of Visible and Short-Wave Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging to Fingerprint Anthocyanins in Intact Grape Berries

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Fernandes, A.M.; Melo-Pinto, P.;  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2016
Predicción del rendimiento del viñedo mediante un sistema de visión artificial instalado en un vehículo agrícola

Tardáguila Laso, JavierMillán Prior, Borja; Cubero García, Sergio; Blasco Ivars, José; Albert Gil, Francisco Eugenio; Aleixos Borrás, Nuria; Alegre, Vicente;  Agricultura : Revista Agropecuaria 2016