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Tardáguila Laso, Javier

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Automatic discrimination of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) clones using leaf hyperspectral imaging and partial least squares

Millán Prior, BorjaTardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; FERNANDES, A.M.; MELO-PINTO, P.;  Journal of Agricultural Science 2015
Assessment of grape cluster yield components based on 3D descriptors using stereo vision

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Ivorra, E.; Sanchez, A.J.; Camarasa, J.G.;  Food Control 2015
Effects of UV exclusion on the physiology and phenolic composition of leaves and berries of Vitis vinifera cv. Graciano

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Castillo Alonso, María Angeles delDiago Santamaría, María PazMonforte López, LauraTardáguila Laso, JavierMartínez Abaigar, JavierNúñez Olivera, Encarnación Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2015
A new method for assessment of bunch compactness using automated image analysis

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, JavierTello Moro, Javier; Cubero, S.; Blasco, J.; Prats-Montalban, J.M.; Ibanez, J.; Aleixos, N.;  Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 2015
Nuevas tecnologías al servicio de la viticultura

Tardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz La Prensa del Rioja 2015
Assessment of cluster yield components by image analysis

Diago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, JavierMillán Prior, Borja; Aleixos, N.; Prats-Montalban, J.M.; Cubero, S.; Blasco, J.;  Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 2015
Assessment of the spatial variability of vegetative status in vineyards using non-destructive sensors. Application of remote and proximal sensing technologies in precision viticulture

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Rey Carames, Clara MaríaTardáguila Laso, Javier (Director de tesis); Diago Santamaría, María Paz (Director de tesis);  2015
vitisFlower®: Development and testing of a novel android-smartphone application for assessing the number of grapevine flowers per inflorescence using artificial vision techniques

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Aquino Martín, ArturoMillán Prior, BorjaDiago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Gaston, D.;  Sensors 2015
Evaluación de la morfología del racimo mediante análisis de imágenes 2D y 3D

Tardáguila Laso, JavierIbáñez Marcos, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; Cubero García, Sergio; Blasco Ivars, José; Aleixos Borrás, Nuria; Tello Moro, Javier;  Vida Rural 2015
Grapevine flower estimation by applying artificial vision techniques on images with uncontrolled scene and multi-model analysis

Aquino Martín, ArturoMillán Prior, BorjaTardáguila Laso, Javier; Gutiérrez, S.;  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2015
Using RPAS multi-spectral imagery to characterise vigour, leaf development, yield components and berry composition variability within a vineyard

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Rey Carames, Clara MaríaDiago Santamaría, María PazTardáguila Laso, Javier; Pilar Martín, M.; Lobo, A.;  Remote Sensing 2015
Support vector machine and artificial neural network models for the classification of grapevine varieties using a portable NIR spectrophotometer

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Tardáguila Laso, JavierDiago Santamaría, María Paz; Gutiérrez S.; Fernández-Novales J.;  PLoS ONE 2015