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Ferreiro Cabello, Javier

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Searching parsimonious solutions with GA-PARSIMONY and XGboost in high-dimensional databases

Martínez de Pisón Ascacíbar, Francisco JavierFraile García, EstebanFerreiro Cabello, JavierPernía Espinoza, Alpha Verónica; Gonzalez, R.;  Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2017
Repercussion the use phase in the life cycle assessment of structures in residential buildings using one-way slabs

Fraile García, EstebanFerreiro Cabello, JavierMartínez Cámara, EduardoJiménez Macías, Emilio Journal of Cleaner Production 2017
Sensitivity analysis of Life Cycle Assessment to select reinforced concrete structures with one-way slabs

Ferreiro Cabello, JavierFraile García, EstebanMartínez Cámara, EduardoPérez de la Parte, María Mercedes Engineering Structures 2017
Study of the technical feasibility of increasing the amount of recycled concrete waste used in ready-mix concrete production

Fraile García, EstebanFerreiro Cabello, JavierLópez Ochoa, Luis MaríaLópez González, Luis María Materials 2017
Hybrid methodology based on bayesian optimization and ga-parsimony for searching parsimony models by combining hyperparameter optimization and feature selection

Martínez de Pisón Ascacíbar, Francisco JavierFerreiro Cabello, JavierFraile García, Esteban; Gonzalez-Sendino, R.;  Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2017