La supuesta anglofilia de D. Ricardo Wall. Filias y fobias políticas durante el reinado de Fernando VI

Autor: Téllez Alarcia, Diego

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Revista de Historia Moderna. Anales de la Universidad de Alicante. ISSN: 0212-5862. Año: 2003. Número: 21. Páginas: 501-536.

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Resumen: The topic of politic filiation has eclipsed in the last two centuries the period of Ferdinand's kingdom. It is particularly true in the case of the main Spanish ministers, D. José de Carvajal y Lancáster, State Minister until 1754, and Cenón de Somodevilla, the Marquis of Ensenada. The fight for hegemony between France and England had a great influence in other European countries, above all since 1756, when began the Seven Years War. Spanish alliance was very disputed, as Austrian or Prussian one. Ministers' will was also. Certainly, this is the case of Richard Wall Devreaux, State Minister between 1754 and 1763. His example show us the importance, the real significance and the origin of these labels. Patriotism, politics objects and fights for politic power between parties are behind.