A contribuiçâo da política pública de financiamento à exportaçào no Brasil

Autor: Ayala Calvo, Juan Carlos; Mataveli, Luzia Mara; 

Tipo de documento: Capítulo de libro

Libro: University, Society and Global Markets

Año: 2008  Páginas: 13-27

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Resumen: To discuss the importance that governments play in economy and mainly in the support they dispense to the export sector is fundamental to improvements and strategies aimed at developing a country. It is consensus to assume that governments can play a vital role on export sales, taking heavy responsibilities on themselves in the process. When governmental actions are aligned to the country strategies as to its sales expansion to other markets, a convergence point is reached which shall result in representative advancements in the economy and, coincidentally, shall affect the productive chain positively and, therefore, reach their populations welfare. This work has been developed under the concepts of the above explained context and aims at bringing insight on how the Brazilian government supports export credit operations through its main financing programs, specially the Programa de Financiamento às Exportações ¿ PROEX. (Export Financing Program).