Computer assisted focus on form to minimise lexical errors in young learners

Autor: Agustín Llach, M.ª PilarFernández Fontecha, Almudena; Moreno Espinosa, Soraya; 

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Encuentro. Revista de Investigación e Innovación en la Clase de Idiomas. ISSN: 1130-7021. Año: 2006. Número: 16. Páginas: 3-16.

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Resumen: The lexical component plays a paramount role in the first stages of language acquisition. Hence, it is crucial to learn and use words appropriately. Based on the results obtained on a study carried out on the lexical competence in English of 283 Spanish speaking primary learners, the present article investigates a way of teaching vocabulary to young Spanish learners of English. With the aim of diminishing lexical error production and motivate learners, we adopt a Focus on Form approach enhanced by the use of computer assisted language teaching. Two types of activities are proposed to illustrate this practice: one of them focuses on spelling errors and the other on word choice errors due to transfer.