¿Puede la psicología positiva ayudar a comprender el comportamiento del emprendedor?

Autor: Ayala Calvo, Juan CarlosManzano García, Guadalupe

Tipo de documento: Capítulo de libro

Libro: Conocimiento, Innovación y Emprendedores. Camino al Futuro.

Año: 2007  Páginas: 1155-1164

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Resumen: Abstract: In this paper, the authors describe the concepts of resilience, flow and happiness, and they reflect on their connection with the entrepreneur's world. More specifically, the authors uphold the need of taking these concepts into consideration. As a matter of fact, they have been developed from the beginnings of the well-known "Positive Psychology" in order to facilitate the understanding of the entrepreneur's behavior. From this perspective, having an entrepreneur's spirit implies making things instead of searching for excuses and reasons to demonstrate that they cannot be done; it is to raise up (with more strength) every time you fall down; it is not to persist in explaining the causes of the failure; it is to be conscious and responsible of your actions; it is to be able to design a short, medium, long-term plan and follow it whatever the circumstances in life are. Being entrepreneur involves enjoying the job, feeling completely motivated by the tasks to be performed, and perceiving them as a goal. Similarly, it entails the assumption of certain risks and having to continuously coexist with uncertainty, never stopping feeling happy and optimistic