La transmisión del conocimiento emprendedor: el caso de la empresa Calzados FAL, S.A.

Autor: Ayala Calvo, Juan CarlosCastresana Ruiz Carrillo, José IgnacioRodríguez Osés, José Eduardo

Tipo de documento: Capítulo de libro

Libro: Conocimiento, Innovación y Emprendedores. Camino al Futuro

Año: 2007  Páginas: 1139-1157

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Resumen: In many occasions, the plan of succession of the family companies forgets that so that this concludes with success it is important to prepare and to develop the organization. To develop an organization for the succession means that the structure of responsibilities, the systems of leadership and government's organs should evolve so that, at the same time that the succession is facilitated, give place to the invigoration of the own organization. The case of Calzados FAL, S.A., property of the family Abad, is an unequivocal sample that this statement is certain. Without the correct planning of government's organs, in the one that has been had so much in consideration the necessities of the company like the personality of the family, the transmission of the knowledge accumulated by the founder of Calzados FAL, S.A. would have been impossible