Innovation Key words in the 21st century

Autor: Castresana Ruiz-Carrillo, José IgnacioAyala Calvo, Juan CarlosParras Gómez, Maite

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: The Business & Management Review. ISSN: 2047-2854. Año: 2012. Número: 1. Volumen: 3. Páginas: 320-332.

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Resumen: In this paper we introduce the most significant topics of scientific output regarding innovation of the last decade. For this purpose we have analysed the "Key Words" of the articles published in the first decade of the century (ISI database) using the technique of text/data mining. The determination of the current interest and the relative importance of each "key word" (topic) has shaped the innovation construct. Of the 303 topics defined, open innovation is singular in the evolutionary dynamics of the innovation construct, due to its outstanding levels of current interest and relative importance. To study the relationship between open innovation and other topics discussed in the last decade a relationships map was developed.