Explorando las alianzas en la internacionalización de bodegas familiares españolas, argentinas y chilenas

Autor: Fernández Ortiz, Rubén; Vallejo Martos, Manuel Carlos; Fuentes Lombardo, Guadalupe; 

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Revista de Empresa Familiar. ISSN: 2174-2529. Año: 2011. Número: 1. Volumen: 1. Páginas: 69-81.

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Resumen: When examining the different ways in which companies penetrate foreign markets, the decision about using or not strategic alliances may be conditioned by the characteristics of the company. In the specific case of family firms, such alliances offer a series of advantages and disadvantages due to the special characteristics of these companies. The results of this qualitative study show the reasons that prompt family businesses to establish or not strategic alliances in their internationalisation processes, as well as the discriminating factors that favour or hinder the selection of such strategies in the Spanish, Argentine and Chilean vinicultural companies. The degree of family control in the business influences both aspects.