The string quartet in Spain of late eighteenth century to the present University of Granada, 20-21st march 2014

Autor: Marín López, Miguel Angel

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Eighteenth-Century Music. ISSN: 1478-5706. Año: 2015. Número: 1. Volumen: 12. Páginas: 125-127.

doi 10.1017/S1478570614000530

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Resumen: Imagine you are asked in an academic meeting to name three or four prominent Spanish composers in the field of the string quartet. How many would you be able to cite? You might be tempted to answer that the quartet was in fact hardly cultivated in Spain, or you might perhaps wonder whether Boccherini could be taken to be a Spanish' composer. These potential responses to this fictional situation encapsulate well two of the historiographical preconceptions that have governed our view of this area, the first of which is, to put it in Friedhelm Krummacher's words, that Spanish composers adopted a particularly abstinent attitude' towards the genre (sich ... besonders abstinent zum Streichquartett verhielten'; Geschichte des Streichquartetts, volume 2 (Laaber: Laaber, 2005), 400).