La escuela 2.0 : reflexiones en torno a su eficacia en los centros educativos de La Rioja

Autor: Santiago Campión, RaúlNavaridas Nalda, Fermín; Repáraz Abaitua, Charo; 

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Educación XXI. ISSN: 1575-0345. Año: 2014. Número: 1. Volumen: 17. Páginas: 243-270.

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Resumen: This article presents the most relevant results of a study, which analyzes the results of the Program 2.0 School in La Rioja¿s Educational Institutions. Among other relevant aims, we wanted to know which ICT resources are most used, which purpose teachers follow when they use them in the context of the teaching-learning process, teacher¿s perception about their effectiveness and also their opinions about their own training. In order to carry on this research we decided to adopt a quantitative methodological framework, developed through an online survey, which was sent to all non-university teachers of La Rioja Autonomus Region. In general terms, obtained results confirm other author¿s conclusions in similar studies developed in other educational contexts. Regarding this point, we should mention the need of an effective training declared by the teachers, especially related with the pedagogical aspects. We should also stress that the effectiveness of the Programs 2.0 School cannot simply depend on the teacher¿s competence and intervention, but also both the singular educational context and the didactical action, should be taken into account. From this point of view, new study fields, which complement, expand and enrich this study, are opened.