Gaudioso de Lupe y el órgano del monasterio de San Prudencio de Monte Laturce (1620)

Autor: Téllez Alarcia, Diego

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Nassarre. Revista Aragonesa de Musicología. ISSN: 0213-7305. Año: 2012. Número: 1. Volumen: 28. Páginas: 175-186.

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Resumen: This article lets specialists know about an unpublished document: a contract signed by Gaudioso de Lupe, famous organs builder, and the Saint Prudencio of Mount Laturce¿s monastery, to build and repair the monastery¿s instrument. This oratory, placed in the mountains near Logroño, went through a moment of splendour that is expressed in works such as this construction, among others. Besides, the document let us know more about one of the most unknown Gaudioso¿s periods of life.