Posthuman bodies? not so fast

Autor: Fernández Guerrero, Olaya

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Dilemata. Revista internacional de éticas aplicadas. ISSN: 1989-7022. Año: 2011. Número: 5. Páginas: 181-193.

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Resumen: This article reflects on transhumanism and its promise to achieve bodies which will be forever young, healthy, and highly useful. From a critical approach mainly based on feminist theory, it recalls different points against this promise, as they can work as criteria for exclusion and could end up in a denial of the body and its main features. The paper starts with some reflections on the application of biotechnologies in order to enhance human bodies. It also recalls the discussion on virtual realities and their promises to erase the limits of the body and cancel materiality. Posthuman discourses end up in a proposal to leave behind the ¿burden¿ of the body. Some feminist scholars have claimed against these arguments, and have asked for a ¿return to the body¿ instead, as its denial can harm the vindications of equality, freedom and abolition of sexual discrimination.