Subsidiarity relationships between image-schemas : an approach to the force schema

Autor: Peña Cervel, María Sandra

Tipo de documento: Artículo de revista

Revista: Journal of English Studies. ISSN: 1576-6357. Año: 1999. Número: 1. Páginas: 187-208.

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Resumen: In this paper, we investigate the nature of the FORCE image-schema as subsidiary to the PATH schema. On the basis that not all image-schemas can be ranked on a par (see Pauwels & Simon-Vandenbergen 1993 and Peña 1998) we establish three different types of subsidiarity relationships between image-schemas. We further observe that the FORCE image-schema plays a prominent role in the conceptualization of metaphors for emotions in English. Additionally, the seemingly chaotic and abstract domain of emotions will be shown to be endowed with coherence and structure